Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you do, and how do you do it?

Quite a few things, actually.

Recent projects have included all manner of product launches, from cars to computers. We’ve consulted on numerous meetings and projects for technology companies, to building & construction firms. We produced award shows, built websites, and designed branding for startups. We’re always creating speaker support & motion graphics for innovation conferences, on some of these events we are also asked to handle videography, directing, video editing, and project management.

We use a number of tools, including both Macs & PC’s, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, etc.), Final Cut Pro X, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint, PlaybackPro, Millumin, Resolume, and WordPress. We’ve been in production for over 25 years, and can humbly say, we’re pretty good at it.

and… thanks to a recent FAA ruling, we can finally announce that we even fly camera drones for production teams. We currently have a fleet of four HD camera mounted quadcopters.

How much do you charge?

We’d be happy to discuss your project, and if it seems like a good fit, theres a good chance we can come up with a mutually agreeable number.

We try to be reasonable, and before work starts, we provide detailed estimates for your review and approval.

For most onsite work, we follow industry and IRS standard guidelines for day rates, per diem, and overtime.

Do you sign NDA's for your clients?

Certainly, if requested.
It’s pretty common now days, and by default, we know how to keep secrets.

Do you travel?

Yes, a lot, all over the world.
We keep our passports current and handy.

Do you do work on spec?


We value our talent and time, and we really appreciate clients who feel the same.

In all of our projects, we work to exceed our client’s expectations,

but if work for free is what you have in mind, we’re off to a bad start.

Having said that, we have been known to offer our services at discounted rates to non-profits serving causes that we feel passionate about, for folks who genuinely could use the help.

What your onsite deal?

• We prefer to use our own computers for creation and when working as operators on live shows.
We’ve had way too many issues with using other people’s machines.
We pride ourselves on having current & stable systems to meet any demands we may encounter.

• We won’t knowingly do anything that is illegal, or potentially hazardous to others, non negotiable.

• Mean people are mostly ignored.

Beyond that, we’re pretty low-maintenance.

How busy are you?

There’s always something going on.
Creativity and innovation demand it.

However we never commit to any deadlines we can’t deliver on.
If we can’t meet your deadline, and deliver a product we’re proud of… you’ll be the first to know.


If you agree that great presentations don’t just happen… please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to give us a shout.
We love what we do, relish creative challenges, and we’re always down for an adventure.

 Marin County, California, 94925